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Three good news
Today We have 3 good news for you.more details are below
1st) We have add (Litecoin) on your demand as a new payment option for deposit and withdraw

2nd) We have add 18 new banners set in promo tools page for upcoming 2021.Affiliates can use new banners for more better result.
After login to watermine you can finds banners at below link

3rd) Watermine have crossed 4 figure alexa rank.99% of the sites on the internet never reach this position.
Today watermine ranked worldwide at 9972.You can see updated rank at alexa link below.
It is achievements of 2020.New year will bring more success.we will try hard to reach 3 or 2 figure rank in 2021.Affiliates support will be power key of success.

Your financial growth partner Corporation Limited administration
28 December 2020