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Crypto Deposit improvements
We have updated crypto deposit system today Especially bitcoin had deposit missing issue before and we was adding manually but it was big load on live agents.
New system will not miss any payment and deposit will be added now after only 1 blockchain confirmation.
And each deposit will get new address and the address will be valid for 24 hours

But kindly deposit some extra funds than min deposit amount for example if you wants to buy $1000 contract you should add $1020 or more because if rate goes down during 1 blockchain confirmation and amount remains less than $1000
your contract will not be activate and amount will be add in your account earnings balance and later we will activate it manually.But if you will have some extra amount it will stay above $1000 and contract will be activated same time for sure

We are not charging any fees Crypto price goes up or down before 1 blockchain confirmation it will matter in your deposit.

I hope you guys will have been understand.New deposit system is not only for bitcoin its work same for all available crypto coins

Your financial growth partner Corporation Limited administration
12 january 2021