News & Updates

Hurray!!!!! 100 million dollars in revenue achieved.
Congratulations everybody we have just achieved the desired target of $100 million in revenue!!!!
Special thanks to our beloved affiliate members who made it possible within a very short period of time. We are also excited to share another surprising news to motivate our members, that is, that one of our affiliate members has just earned $100,000+ in commissions in just 24 hours. All he had to do was to refer a group of investors and that earned him $100,000, in such a short time.

With your dedicated efforts you too can achieve this and much more.

Our next target is to achieve 1 billion dollars in revenue and our aim is to reach this goal before the end of this year.

The support of our affiliates is imperative to achieving this great success. We encourage you to support Watermine, earn and build your way to financial freedom, because Watermine is a premium project that is changing lives.

Your financial growth partner Corporation Limited administration
25 january 2021