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$2 billion crossed in revenues
Watermine revolution growth is incredible.we have crossed $2 billion in revenue.we will continue our efforts to make watermine a strongest multi billionaire project with support of our highly skilled affiliates.

Watermine is billionaire project and thousand of new investor and affiliates joined us in previous few months.
and most are not properly aware about watermine use.

So there are some common investor issues and their solutions below.

Q) One deposit address is valid for how much transactions?

A) One deposit address is valid for 1 transaction if you will send 2nd deposit on same address it will not credited automatically.and you will get delay in avoid to send multiple deposits on same address
get new address from deposit process for each new transaction.

Q) How You can add funds in account balance without activation of the contract.Because your cryto wallet allow to send limited amount per day and you cant buy bigger packs.

A) Select $2500 contract and send less amount than $2500 so it will come to your account balance.
you can repeat this process multiple times and when you reach your target you can activate the contract of your choice or let us know we will activate it.

Q)What to do if you Got any issue on watermine.

A) Simply send a single email with your issue details to watermine support address ([email protected])and wait for our reply.we will reply for sure in 24 to 36 hours and solve your issue.
Sending multiple emails on same issue will not make your issue will increase only burden on us .
especially if you forgot your password or get locked your account due to 3 wrong password tries.
In this case no need to panic just email us for new password and wait for our reply.
If you will send multiple emails for reset password more chances we will send new password on each email request and you will not get correct password and you will get locked your account again due to wrong kindly avoid multiple emails for same issue.

Affiliates should also guide their referrals about the things described above because we are receiving 90% above email support requests about above described issues on daily basis.

Promote us and grow with watermine because watermine is premium project that is changing your lives.

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19 April 2021