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First 20,000 Watermine users

We have crossed 20,000 users with the help of affiliates.we always appreciate your efforts.keep continue your support for watermine.
2020 is near to end and We have get lot of success in 2020 but we can do lot of big things together in 2021.
Combine your efforts with us and promote watermine to your family and friends.
Watermine is premium project and changing yours life.
New affiliates are also welcome.Guaranteed and instant commissions are waiting for you.just copy your referral link and start promoting.

Your financial growth partner Corporation Limited administration
07 December 2020
Dec-7-2020 12:58:10 PM
Its very simple but some users still struggling to deposit successfully.We are explaining in details.just follow step by step

after login just go to deposit page
select a plan write your deposit amount and select payment option button then click spend to proceed

some users got issue when they write different amounts than default amount.we have easy solution.
First write ($100000) then change first numbers with your deposit amount and in the last remove extra zeros.

2nd issue creates when users send deposit using bitcoin.
when you deposit bitcoin kindly send exact amount excluding your wallet sending fees.and wait for pool confirmations.after 3 confirmations your contract will be activated automatically.

Deposit will not be add automatically If you will send deposit amount including your wallet sending fees and in this case you need to contact us on live chat or by email.we will complete your deposit manually after three confirmations.

You can contact us for further issues.send email or ask help from live support agent we will do our best to solve your issue fastly.

Your financial growth partner Corporation Limited administration
05 December 2020
Dec-5-2020 11:59:50 AM
Every new day is bringing new opportunities and new tasks for us.Watermine experienced team is dedicatedly working for your prosperity.and today we have done first one million dollar withdrawals.
we need your collaboration also and our affiliates are already doing great job.but our expectations are more big.If you are a good affiliate and still not promoting watermine.
you are missing a big opportunity.You can start promoting your referral link right now and make very good commissions as other affiliates are earning.
Teamwork always get success.

Your financial growth partner Corporation Limited administration
30 November 2020
Nov-30-2020 08:47:56 AM
If crypto coins rate are going down you will lose money in your crypto wallets.but in watermine you will not lose a penny.
once you deposit here your investments will give you guaranteed profits in USD format.
If still you are not using watermine to multiply your money.give us a try with small amount.once you find us reliable you can go for big amounts.
We have tons of investors with $1000 to $10000 amount of investments.and our biggest single user investment is $300k at the moment.its for sure we will get more big investors in future.because watermine is premium project and Watermine affiliates are doing great job.

Your financial growth partner Corporation Limited administration
27 November 2020
Nov-27-2020 12:40:44 PM
There are some questions investor asks us mostly.You can read explanation below.

Q) What you mean by 4 levels referral commission

Ans) simply if you refer a user(A)
its called first level referral (A) Refer a user (B )
(B) is your 2nd level referral and (B) refer a user (C)
(C) is your 3rd level referral and (C) refer a user (D)
(D) is your 4th level referral

Q) Big amount of withdrawal time is same as small amounts?

Ans) Yes withdrawal is $1 or $100k we will pay in our standard time within 24 to 36 hours

Q) After contract expiration will we get initial deposit back?

Ans) No,It,s cost of your purchased contract and not refundable.everything is included in your guaranteed earnings (Initial deposit+maintenance fee+profit)

Q) What is difference between (total earning and total withdrew amounts)

Ans) If your withdrew amount is more than your total earnings.It has difference due to your affiliate earnings.Total earning shows profit of your purchased contract.and Total Withdrew amount shows both amounts (total earning + affiliate earning)

Your financial growth partner administration
23 November 2020
Nov-23-2020 08:15:05 AM
We have reached $2 million deposits.and we received second million dollar deposit in just few weeks.all credit goes to affiliates and we are thankful to affiliates.
speed up your efforts our next target will be $10 million.
Spread watermine everywhere and convince everyone watermine is premium project and a real deal for investors.

Your financial growth partner administration
17 November 2020
Nov-17-2020 05:39:01 PM
Social media affiliates favour

Hello guys

Its difficult for us to convince users who dont know that watermine is real project.we dont know their local language well and they dont know english well.

Watermine have no social media official groups because its not possible to arrange multiple experienced and trusted agents in local languages.

we have make a solution and a chance for affiliates to convert referrals in to investors

Its best way for investors to show your payments proofs in your own social place and convince new investor to join under your referral link.

Create a dedicated Group/page or channel for watermine on telegram,facebook,youtube or whats app etc in english or your local language and give us your links we will add your links in next notification.
you can also pin your referral links in your groups.This way all of our users will visit their supported language social place and you can convince them to become your downline and investor.
Telegram is best choice for this type of purpose. if you can give enough time to manage we will recommend to create telegram group dedicated to watermine
You can provide your link to live support will reach us

Your financial growth partner administration
13 November 2020
Nov-13-2020 09:02:34 AM
We have no other site than watermine.if you saw any site using same or similar design or anyone claim they are part of watermine don't trust it.
Watermine is unique and premium project and playing in big amounts.Its for this reason some peoples are trying to rob our users money and making site design like us and claming they are part of us.Just stay away from them.
If you are still not watermine investor you can start with small amount and when you feel we are real and trusted you can go for bigger amounts.Watermine is good reputable and serious business you can multiply your money safely with watermine

Your financial growth partner administration
10 November 2020
Nov-10-2020 06:37:31 AM
Different indicators on the internet are saying watermine is the fastest growing project.
Its because different affiliate groups are powering the watermine with high performance.and soon we are going to reach our first $1 million deposits.
Watermine is best place to get reward for your hardwork.
If you still not promoting watermine you can start right now and get 4 level referrals commission.
Its very easy just copy your referral link and send to your family or friends and Help us to spread watermine to globe.

Your financial growth partner administration
03 November 2020
Nov-3-2020 11:23:10 AM
How watermine double your money
Its most common question for investors.we have 2 ways to make your money double.

1st wing is crypto trading (6 Professionals and 4 helpers)
We have 12 years experienced team who are focused on crypto market.and they know well which times which coin will be rise or drop down.they buy and sell crypto coins on all popular trading sites and earn profits on daily basis.And make your money double to triple in 3 months
we have not put all eggs on one basket.

2nd wing is crypto mining (2 Professionals and 5 helpers)
We have team who are focused on mining market.they buy high efficiency equipments with extra profits to make new coins.and mined coins goes to our reserves for up/down circumstances.

There are some more business secrets that our professionals does not allow to reveal due to potential hacker attacks.Like as where we stock the reserves and how much reserves we have in stock.and some other deep secrets.

But watermine setup is very professional and you can earn guaranteed profits.thanks for your big support.
Special thanks to affiliates for their great job.
Watermine is enough popular now due to your efforts.Watermine is right choice for your family and friends.

Your financial growth partner administration
27 October 2020
Oct-27-2020 10:56:29 AM
Hello guys

If you are owning a website,blog,forum,social media group,page or channel.You can recommend watermine personally to your follower community using your referral link.This is best way to earn commission from your referral.

Just for your motivation we are revealing some information that we have some big affiliates who are making thousand of dollars commission every month.
you can also get your dreams.Just promote your link and earn incredible income

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Watermine administration
19 October 2020
Oct-19-2020 03:58:03 PM
Hello Guys

Watermine is premium project and we are here to do business in millions or billions.
we have investors with average of $100 to $500 investments.
But we want heavy investments.If you are new here you can start with small amounts but when you find us reliable.You can trust us also for bigger amount of invest.

If you are a small investor and dont have bigger amounts for investment.You can still earn bigger amounts.Just refer your friends or family members and convince them for investment and earn instant referral commission.

Your financial growth partner
Watermine administration
12 October 2020
Oct-12-2020 03:22:55 PM
Mostly new users dont know how to invest with watermine.Kindly follow simple and step by step insturctions below.

after login just go to deposit page
Select your suitable contract write your deposit amount and select payment option button then click spend to proceed
we are offering 4 ways to deposit funds
Bitcoin,Ethereum,payeer and perfectmoney
if you are a credit/debit card user you can deposit via card using payeer
or buy bitcoin from trusted exchanges or wallets like

Your financial growth partner
Watermine administration
03 October 2020
Oct-3-2020 08:15:31 AM
Hello guys

What is important for a successful project

1 Professional website
2 Professional and honest administration
3 Team skills (Super skilled in trading and mining)
5 Team experience (12 years experienced team)
5 The most important Public response

We are proudly telling you We are perfect in everything
(for example)
If you are an affiliate and promoting watermine to your will get more than double result than any other project.
You will get high amount of signups and investors in less watermine promotions.

Your financial growth partner
Watermine administration
26 september 2020
Sep-26-2020 11:58:33 AM
Hello guys

Water Mine is totally unique project and managed by 12 years experienced team.

If you wants to grow your coins watermine is most reliable place to do your investments.your money will stay safe and you will earn profit daily.

If you got an issue here we have live support to solve your issues.
Support watermine and increase your money.

Your financial growth partner
Watermine administration
11 september 2020
Sep-11-2020 09:51:56 AM
Watermine is 100% pure and reliable project and managed by 12 year experienced team
Buy contract for any amount with more than $10 and start earnings here.profit wil be given on daily basis.all contracts are valid for 90 days.
There is very attractive referrals program can earn 4 levels commission.Overall you can earn 20% purchase commission.promote your referral link to your friends and earn lifetime commissons from their purchases.

Read commission details
Level 1 8%
Level 2 6%
Level 3 4%
Level 4 2%

Your financial growth partner
Watermine administration
Aug-9-2020 09:51:41 AM