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Congratulations everybody we have just achieved the desired target of $100 million in revenue!!!!
Special thanks to our beloved affiliate members who made it possible within a very short period of time. We are also excited to share another surprising news to motivate our members, that is, that one of our affiliate members has just earned $100,000+ in commissions in just 24 hours. All he had to do was to refer a group of investors and that earned him $100,000, in such a short time.

With your dedicated efforts you too can achieve this and much more.

Our next target is to achieve 1 billion dollars in revenue and our aim is to reach this goal before the end of this year.

The support of our affiliates is imperative to achieving this great success. We encourage you to support Watermine, earn and build your way to financial freedom, because Watermine is a premium project that is changing lives.

Your financial growth partner Corporation Limited administration
25 january 2021
Jan-25-2021 11:27:11 AM
We have noticed in past some users hated watermine but the time make changes in their mind and their hate converted to love for watermine.
They are using and fully supporting now watermine with their marketing power.
We are also recommending our old affiliates to try again the peoples who was not interested in watermine maybe they accept watermine ability now due to watermine excellent performance.
Watermine will be billionaire project of 2021 start using it now and get your goals.
We will say again to the peoples who are still not using watermine.Give us a try and be the part of (watermine) revolution.

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19 january 2021
Jan-19-2021 10:01:59 AM
(Watermine) Biggest Opportunity of your life

After big Conspiracy by regulators and big peoples against crypto prices.Crypto market rising again.
Infact they love crypto and they do everything for buying cryptos in low price.
Everyone wants to earn here including governments.we will not public any country name but you guys can understand.

But watermine dedicated team keeps focus on market and doing great work for you guys.
No matter Crypto market goes up or down watermine will stay 100% profitable for our investors and affiliates.
Because watermine is premium project and changing lifes.There are thousand of investors who have doubled or triple their money and they are still earning
Affiliates are our main power key.there are many affiliates who already earned in six figures.
If you are still not using watermine you are losing biggest opportunity of your life.
If you are investor give us a try with small amount when it works you can go with big amounts and if you are skilled in marketing you can promote watermine referral link and earn big in commissions

Your financial growth partner Corporation Limited administration
14 january 2021
Jan-14-2021 04:43:47 PM
We have updated crypto deposit system today Especially bitcoin had deposit missing issue before and we was adding manually but it was big load on live agents.
New system will not miss any payment and deposit will be added now after only 1 blockchain confirmation.
And each deposit will get new address and the address will be valid for 24 hours

But kindly deposit some extra funds than min deposit amount for example if you wants to buy $1000 contract you should add $1020 or more because if rate goes down during 1 blockchain confirmation and amount remains less than $1000
your contract will not be activate and amount will be add in your account earnings balance and later we will activate it manually.But if you will have some extra amount it will stay above $1000 and contract will be activated same time for sure

We are not charging any fees Crypto price goes up or down before 1 blockchain confirmation it will matter in your deposit.

I hope you guys will have been understand.New deposit system is not only for bitcoin its work same for all available crypto coins

Your financial growth partner Corporation Limited administration
12 january 2021
Jan-12-2021 01:07:50 PM
Hello respected affiliates

Double your efforts and dont get tired
This is the time to do your best.Crypto market is on the peak that we never seen before and attracting more and more investors.
2021 will be year of your financial success and watermine is the biggest opportunity to get your goals.
Watermine is already a big project and playing in millions but it,s looking that we have the potential to make it billionaire project in 2021.
Affiliates are already doing great job.Just invite your friends and family and ask them also to promote watermine to next door.
Dedicated and combined effort always bring results.
Revealing just for your motivation that we have the affiliate who already earned more than $500k in referral commissions.
you can also be the next big affiliate.

Your financial growth partner Corporation Limited administration
09 january 2021
Jan-9-2021 10:38:24 AM
Last night we had upgrade site security and you can feel site more faster than before now.But its had create some issues like investment calculator was not working and login menu click was not working issue on some mobile device.
But now everything is fixed and working like before and thanks to the users who report us early and we have fix the things very fast.

And we have crossed 30k total users today Thanks to our proud affiliates.
watermine is premium project and changing lifes Kindly spread it everywhere in your friends and family and earn very attractive affiliate commissions.

Your financial growth partner Corporation Limited administration
07 january 2021
Jan-7-2021 08:24:02 AM
Watermine is passing now 6th month in market with grace.2020 was a fantastic year for crypto users and we got surprising success in last year.
2021 will bring more opportunities and you can grab it via your efforts.
If you are still not using watermine you can start now as a investor.
and If you are a skilled is more supportive part for watermine success.
Support watermine with your efforts because its a premium project and changing your lifes.
Lets make 2021 the year of living joyful with clear heart and mind.(Wish you all happy new year from watermine team)

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01 january 2021
Jan-1-2021 12:47:25 PM
Today We have 3 good news for you.more details are below
1st) We have add (Litecoin) on your demand as a new payment option for deposit and withdraw

2nd) We have add 18 new banners set in promo tools page for upcoming 2021.Affiliates can use new banners for more better result.
After login to watermine you can finds banners at below link

3rd) Watermine have crossed 4 figure alexa rank.99% of the sites on the internet never reach this position.
Today watermine ranked worldwide at 9972.You can see updated rank at alexa link below.
It is achievements of 2020.New year will bring more success.we will try hard to reach 3 or 2 figure rank in 2021.Affiliates support will be power key of success.

Your financial growth partner Corporation Limited administration
28 December 2020
Dec-28-2020 03:26:21 PM
Corona virus effects all over the world and most of the countries have ban all gathering activities especially in Uk.

We can not celebrate this festival like before but still we can share best wishes for each others.

I hope you receive one blessing after another this coming year.Wish you all the best this holiday season and throughout the year.

Stay at home and stay safe and (Wish you all happy Chirstmas from Watermine team)

Your financial growth partner Corporation Limited administration
25 December 2020
Dec-24-2020 06:19:00 PM
(Payeer) have changed their policy that is not suitable for us.thats the reason we are removing (Payeer) for deposits.
We have 95%+ deposits using Bitcoin,Ethereum payeer removal will not effect enough users
but (Payeer) is still available for withdraw so no need to worry (Payeer) investors.your investment is safe with us.

But there is good news Alternatively we are adding bitcoincash for deposit and withdraw.

Thanks for your fantastic support have a nice day

Your financial growth partner Corporation Limited administration
19 December 2020
Dec-19-2020 08:43:04 AM
We have create 18 new banners for celebrating upcoming christmas.You have the chance to earn big commission these days bitcoin is on its highest.
Start promotion with good looking new banners.These are just season banners we will bring more display banners with attractive design after new year.You can find banners in below link

Keep continue your good work and if you are still not promoting watermine it,s best time for you to start.
Just copy your referral links and spread to your friend and family

Your financial growth partner Corporation Limited administration
17 December 2020
Dec-17-2020 08:52:58 AM
Hello guys

We have achieve first 10 million dollars deposit target with the help of affiliates.Thanks you all specially to serious affiliates who are promoting watermine very well.
Next target is 100 million dollar deposits and early or late we will reach this target in 2021.Affiliates are power key of watermine.
Double your efforts and make watermine more attractive place for new comers.

Your financial growth partner Corporation Limited administration
13 December 2020
Dec-13-2020 05:38:50 AM
First 20,000 Watermine users

We have crossed 20,000 users with the help of affiliates.we always appreciate your efforts.keep continue your support for watermine.
2020 is near to end and We have get lot of success in 2020 but we can do lot of big things together in 2021.
Combine your efforts with us and promote watermine to your family and friends.
Watermine is premium project and changing yours life.
New affiliates are also welcome.Guaranteed and instant commissions are waiting for you.just copy your referral link and start promoting.

Your financial growth partner Corporation Limited administration
07 December 2020
Dec-7-2020 12:58:10 PM
Its very simple but some users still struggling to deposit successfully.We are explaining in details.just follow step by step

after login just go to deposit page
select a plan write your deposit amount and select payment option button then click spend to proceed

some users got issue when they write different amounts than default amount.we have easy solution.
First write ($100000) then change first numbers with your deposit amount and in the last remove extra zeros.

2nd issue creates when users send deposit using bitcoin.
when you deposit bitcoin kindly send exact amount excluding your wallet sending fees.and wait for pool confirmations.after 3 confirmations your contract will be activated automatically.

Deposit will not be add automatically If you will send deposit amount including your wallet sending fees and in this case you need to contact us on live chat or by email.we will complete your deposit manually after three confirmations.

You can contact us for further issues.send email or ask help from live support agent we will do our best to solve your issue fastly.

Your financial growth partner Corporation Limited administration
05 December 2020
Dec-5-2020 11:59:50 AM
Every new day is bringing new opportunities and new tasks for us.Watermine experienced team is dedicatedly working for your prosperity.and today we have done first one million dollar withdrawals.
we need your collaboration also and our affiliates are already doing great job.but our expectations are more big.If you are a good affiliate and still not promoting watermine.
you are missing a big opportunity.You can start promoting your referral link right now and make very good commissions as other affiliates are earning.
Teamwork always get success.

Your financial growth partner Corporation Limited administration
30 November 2020
Nov-30-2020 08:47:56 AM
If crypto coins rate are going down you will lose money in your crypto wallets.but in watermine you will not lose a penny.
once you deposit here your investments will give you guaranteed profits in USD format.
If still you are not using watermine to multiply your money.give us a try with small amount.once you find us reliable you can go for big amounts.
We have tons of investors with $1000 to $10000 amount of investments.and our biggest single user investment is $300k at the moment.its for sure we will get more big investors in future.because watermine is premium project and Watermine affiliates are doing great job.

Your financial growth partner Corporation Limited administration
27 November 2020
Nov-27-2020 12:40:44 PM
There are some questions investor asks us mostly.You can read explanation below.

Q) What you mean by 4 levels referral commission

Ans) simply if you refer a user(A)
its called first level referral (A) Refer a user (B )
(B) is your 2nd level referral and (B) refer a user (C)
(C) is your 3rd level referral and (C) refer a user (D)
(D) is your 4th level referral

Q) Big amount of withdrawal time is same as small amounts?

Ans) Yes withdrawal is $1 or $100k we will pay in our standard time within 24 to 36 hours

Q) After contract expiration will we get initial deposit back?

Ans) No,It,s cost of your purchased contract and not refundable.everything is included in your guaranteed earnings (Initial deposit+maintenance fee+profit)

Q) What is difference between (total earning and total withdrew amounts)

Ans) If your withdrew amount is more than your total earnings.It has difference due to your affiliate earnings.Total earning shows profit of your purchased contract.and Total Withdrew amount shows both amounts (total earning + affiliate earning)

Your financial growth partner administration
23 November 2020
Nov-23-2020 08:15:05 AM
We have reached $2 million deposits.and we received second million dollar deposit in just few weeks.all credit goes to affiliates and we are thankful to affiliates.
speed up your efforts our next target will be $10 million.
Spread watermine everywhere and convince everyone watermine is premium project and a real deal for investors.

Your financial growth partner administration
17 November 2020
Nov-17-2020 05:39:01 PM
Social media affiliates favour

Hello guys

Its difficult for us to convince users who dont know that watermine is real project.we dont know their local language well and they dont know english well.

Watermine have no social media official groups because its not possible to arrange multiple experienced and trusted agents in local languages.

we have make a solution and a chance for affiliates to convert referrals in to investors

Its best way for investors to show your payments proofs in your own social place and convince new investor to join under your referral link.

Create a dedicated Group/page or channel for watermine on telegram,facebook,youtube or whats app etc in english or your local language and give us your links we will add your links in next notification.
you can also pin your referral links in your groups.This way all of our users will visit their supported language social place and you can convince them to become your downline and investor.
Telegram is best choice for this type of purpose. if you can give enough time to manage we will recommend to create telegram group dedicated to watermine
You can provide your link to live support will reach us

Your financial growth partner administration
13 November 2020
Nov-13-2020 09:02:34 AM
We have no other site than watermine.if you saw any site using same or similar design or anyone claim they are part of watermine don't trust it.
Watermine is unique and premium project and playing in big amounts.Its for this reason some peoples are trying to rob our users money and making site design like us and claming they are part of us.Just stay away from them.
If you are still not watermine investor you can start with small amount and when you feel we are real and trusted you can go for bigger amounts.Watermine is good reputable and serious business you can multiply your money safely with watermine

Your financial growth partner administration
10 November 2020
Nov-10-2020 06:37:31 AM